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Pilot Institute releases new NIST sUAS Course Webinar 9/17/2021

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

Pilot Institute has released a new course, “NIST UAS Made Easy” and walks agencies through the process of setting up their own NIST Test Lanes. DRONERESPONDERS has also partnered with Pilot Institute on the course, “Public Safety Part 107 & COAs“. In 2020, DRONERESPONDERS endorsed the NIST Test Lanes as a minimum flight proficiency tool for public safety agencies. DRONERESPONDERS is also an official auditor for NIST test lane setup.

A new webinar on the online NIST is scheduled during the FAA’s Drone Safety Awareness Week on September 17th at 4 pm EST. Join David Danielson (LA City Fire), Greg Reverdiau (Pilot Institute) and Charles Werner (DRONERESPONDERS). You can watch live at:

For more info on the online course, visit:

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