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SOAR Course Announcement - April 23-26

Last month, our National Public Safety UAS Conference served as the launch point for Safely Operating Aircraft Remotely (SOAR™), an early access drone training course for Public Safety UAS operators that is:

  • Standardized

  • Nationally available

  • Available to personnel with Part 107 licenses

  • Peer reviewed by leading law enforcement organizations and national non-profit drone associations

Students who complete SOAR’s course, FUNDAMENTALS OF UAS MANEUVERING (course schedule online) will be compliant with ASTM International and NIST requirements for public safety remote pilots.

This course contains five modules. The initial module will be completed prior to the in­person course and will refresh students on Part 107 knowledge and provide an overview of industry standards. The following four modules will take place in-person, with the majority of time spent flying a UAS in practical training scenarios.

I’m excited to announce that there is an upcoming course in Little Elm, Texas, this month!

Little Elm Texas – LIMITED CAPACITY!

APRIL 23-26 Town of Little Elm at 100 W. Eldorado Pkwy., Little Elm, TX 75068

To claim your seat, email

Onward and upward,

Chief Charles L. Werner Ret. DRONERESPONDERS

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