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TVU Networks Tactical Video Streaming Webinar Today at 3 pm EST

"Are you getting the most out of your reconnaissance efforts? You’ve probably looked at many types of technology to help with situational awareness, including aerial drones. Live video from drones is increasingly being used by public safety agencies including police and fire departments in their efforts to protect and serve the public.

In the upcoming webinar Advanced Live Video Technology for Improved Situational Awareness, Neeley Schmitz, KMBC Assistant News Director/ Operations, and Dave Black, Director of Sales at TVU Networks, will discuss how to reliably capture and transmit live HD or 4K video at ultra low latency from a source with a camera like a drone to a mobile, online or TV audience. This informative session will address the use of live video for breaking news coverage and how broadcasting and the public safety community have much in common when it comes to what is required of video streaming, especially in terms of reliability and latency. TVU has been providing live video aerial drone solutions for the broadcast industry and public safety since drones started becoming commercially popular five years ago.

If you currently aren’t happy with the live video quality from your drone or are looking to deploy drones for reconnaissance or situational awareness monitoring, you won’t want to miss this roundtable session. Register today."

TODAY: Thursday, February 24, 2022 at 3 pm EST

Registration Link:

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