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A 90 Minute Discussion on Blue/Green UAS

On Wednesday May 4th, Randall Warnas facilitated a discussion on Blue/Green UAS with Chris Eyehorn (DroneSense), Rich Gatanis (Southern Manatee Fire Rescue), Trent Emeneker (Defense Innovation Unit - DIU), Brett Kanda (formerly with BRINC drones), Brandon Karr (LEDA), Tim Martin (The Regional Training Center), Michael Robbins (AUVSI), Bobby Sakaki (UAS Nexus) and Charles Werner (DRONERESPONDERS).

The Unmanned Leadership Forum brought together some of the most well-known leaders in UAS including DIU and AUVSI which run the Blue/Green programs respectively. This is an open discussion regarding the purpose, implications, and execution of drones being held to meet these Blue/Green UAS requirements. To watch this recorded discussion, here is the link.

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