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DFR Webinar Recording 8/18/22

The following link is a DFR webinar recording from 8/18 featuring Captain Miriam Foxx (Chula Vista, CA), Steven Katz (Flying Lion), Lt. Abrem Ayana (Brookhaven GA), Detective Luis Figuerirido (Elizabeth NJ), and Officer/UAS Manager Brandon Karr (Pearland, TX). 

Overview of Today’s DFR Webinar:


Safer for citizens, responders and communities & has already saved lives

911 incident call generated

NOT surveillance

Community Engagement/Acceptance

Transparency through public access to all DFR response data

Addressing Privacy & ACLU concerns

Data purged within 30 days unless involved in ongoing investigation

Equally applied to all responses regardless of socioeconomic neighborhoods

Most effective de-escalation tool for law enforcement

Force multiplier - returns units to service, IDs need for increase priority

Example real stories of success shared from each program

Please feel free to share to anyone. 

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