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After numerous requests for information, I will periodically repost this so others new here can take advantage of the great work done by so many others in public safety.

Here’s a quick reference on how to access the Resource Center, first you have to join DRONERESPONDERS (it’s free), once a member, login, then click on the Members Tab and click on Resource Center (over 800 documents).

There you will find folders like (but many more):

Starting a new public safety UAS Program

Drone as a First Responder (Safety case, CONOPS, privacy, SOPs and more)

NIST Standard Test Methods and Test Lanes (with build specs and evaluation forms).

COA Guide (walks you through every step of CAPS)

Tactical BVLOS Waiver Template (with 100% success & over 260 departments approved)

SOPs and Best Practices

Community Outreach Program (customizable for your community)

Research Studies on Public Safety UAS Trends

Also be sure your agency is listed in the DRONERESPONDERS Global Public Safety Drone Registry & Map Dashboard to engage in an exciting new network of public safety drone programs to share, collaborate & communicate. Put your agency on the map. Over 1100 agencies participating & sharing their UAS program info.

A map dashboard that can filter by discipline, state, country and other ways is linked below.

Here’s a 3 minute survey to add your info:

Here is the Map Dashboard to see those already participating (over 1000)

DRONERESPONDERS now has over 6000 members, participation from 77 countries, 400+ international members and over 1500 followers on Linked In.

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