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NBC News Story about Concern and Danger of Drone Incursions

The effective use of drones in Ukraine and the horrific drone attacks in Israel have proven with absolute certainty, the need for Counter UAS (CUAS) authorities to State, Local, Tribal and Territories (SLTT) in the U.S. Presently, CUAS authority is given to a number of federal agencies which is dangerously inadequate. These authorities can only be extended to the SLTT by Congress. Even if legislation passed today, it would take years to train and implement CUAS at the SLTT levels. This discussion continues to be stalled in Congress. The only thing that will move Congress is to hear from you.

Already today, drones are dropping drugs, cigarettes and weapons into prison courtyards creating dangerous and chaotic situations. Cartels are transporting deadly drugs like fentanyl and explosives across the border. The point is that it's not a question about when because it is already happening. Unfortunately, the worst is yet to come and Congress has become woefully ineffective.

The story below tells how there have been over 2500 drone incursions at packed NFL Stadiums this year alone. To put it mildly, we've been lucky!!!

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