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New Exciting DFR COA Waiver Development

To All,

I remind that it is our collective effort and sharing that enhances our successes internally and with the FAA. My sincere thanks to the DRONERESPONDERS’ DFR Working Group and the leadership of Captain Miriam Foxx!

Today I received a call from Steven Oscar with Las Vegas Metropolitan PD. He just received a jurisdictional waiver that allowed custom public safety facility grid maps.

As many know, the Facility Grid Maps are set by the airports. Steven Oscar with LVMPD, successfully designed custom public safety facility grids and took to the McCarran and other airports… and with some tweaks, all airports approved the grids. Steven then submitted his jurisdictional COA with the custom grid maps with approval letter from all the involved airports. It was approved. He was able to get the ceilings raised even in some of the zero grids. THIS IS HUGE FOR ALL COAs.

I then spoke with Mike O’Shea who said if you have airport approved public safety grid maps, the FAA will approve (the custom grids quickly - no more discussion).

This is applicable to tethered drones as well.

This eliminates the need to get an SGI from the SOSC with the approved grids.

When we all share, we all win. If you have COAs and haven’t shared, there is still time for our NASA Safety Review. Send your approved COAs to me at

I have attached a link to the approved COA.



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