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NIST sUAS Test Methods for Basic Remote Pilot Proficiency Evaluation

Does your agency use the NIST sUAS Test Lanes?

If so, please add your agency to the DRONERESPONDERS NIST UAS Test Lane Directory and Dashboard.

This map is done as part of DRONERESPONDERS support of the NIST Robotics Program and will help to identify agencies that are using the NIST sUAS Test Lanes and for others interested to learn from those nearby. This also establishes a common network of users and to help facilitate local/regional/state training opportunities.

Here’s a 30 second survey to add your info:

Here is the Map Dashboard to see those already participating. SELECT THE NIST TAB AT THE BOTTOM OF THE MAP DASHBOARD.

If you don’t know about the NIST Test Lanes, join DRONERESPONDERS.ORG (Its free), then open the Members tab, select Resource Center, then open the NIST Test Lanes folder.

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