On yesterday’s #FAA Dronin On Webinar, Steve Pansky reported 160 TBVLOS waivers approved to date and about ten new requests per week. The application process with the TBVLOS Template provided by #DRONERESPONDERS (https://bit.ly/3qlndP5) has been smooth and effective.

SUMMARY: Given nearly a year has passed, there is interest in expanding some of the TBVLOS Waiver parameters. In order to move this consideration forward, we need to collect data on agencies that have utilized the TBVLOS Waiver to show the value and safety of deploying the TBVLOS Waiver for specific emergency operations.


  1. If your agency has an approved TBVLOS waiver, please send an e-mail to taskforce@droneresponders.org

  2. If your agency has deployed using a TBVLOS Waiver, please add to the email - the date/time, circumstances, airspace class, lessons learned, outcome of mission and if expanding limitations would be helpful and why.

  3. Please share this with other public safety agencies, regional teams, stakeholders and company’s please share with your respective public safety customers.

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