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An Invitation to XELEVATE Grand Opening - October 20, 2021

Below I have forwarded an invitation to an exciting new facility near DC. You may want to learn more on how you can participate and/or benefit from this grand opening and/or facility. DRONERESPONDERS is pleased to announce a partnership with XELEVATE as they will be facilitating training/demonstration opportunities at this facility for public safety. —— XELEVATE is an Unmanned Systems Center of Excellence on 66 acres, in Leesburg Virginia and only 45 minutes from DC. Their mission is to provide Safe and Secure drone/UAS engagement, innovation, cultural acceptance, and generational advancement can only be accomplished by assisting industry, commercial entities, government agencies, public safety, local communities, and academia.

The Xelevate team is comprised of current FAA Part 107 commercial certified drone pilots, retired intelligence officers, special operators (SOCOM), local state and federal law enforcement, ATP commercial fixed wing/ helicopter pilots, Airline Captains, former military aviators, and CEOs of companies with defense unmanned systems capabilities.

XELEVATE Grand Opening:

  • XELEVATE has had an influx of potential sponsors who are interested in Sponsoring (both in the UAS industry and outside of it). There are options for both in-kind and monetary sponsorships. We also have over 100 people now attending the Grand Opening, and are still 3 months from the big day!

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