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Assistance in Ukraine & Poland

Kristina Tanasichuk, a friend, has asked for assistance, here is her message.

I am reaching out with an ask and an opportunity!

I am currently in Poland delivering medical and other supplies to Ukraine. One of the things they need desperately are drones. No surprise! I am eaching out to see if there is a possibility of any of your members donating or selling some drones to them asap. We have established a corridor for travel and transport and I would bring these items over myself – or if you have satellites in Europe could get them to the fornt lines quickly. You are in a critical position to help Ukraine – so that is my ask!

Second, I will host an expo and conference as quickly as possible for Ukraine to have access to buy much-needed military supplies. I’d love to partner with you on that so your mem bers have an opportunity to sell their products to the Ukrainian government. I have deep contacts throughout the country and of course they aim to arm themselves to the teeth now that they know how much NATO and others will support them if invaded. We’d love to have your folks there to help arm Ukraine.

Please let me know your thoughts as soon as possible on whether or not you can help support our efforts to Save Ukarine!

Thank you!!


Kristina Kristina Tanasichuk CEO & Founder, Government Technology & Services Coalition Executive Editor, Homeland Security Today President, Women in Homeland Security

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