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Chula Vista PD Drone as a First Responder Program surpasses 10,000 BVLOS Emergency Flights

The Drone as a First Responder Program

As we begin looking at BVLOS operations, our first and great success has been with the Chula Vista PD’s “Drone as a First Responder” (DFR) Program. CONGRATS TO CHULA VISTA PD AND THANKS FOR LEADING THE WAY!

As part of the FAA’s Innovative Partnership Program (IPP), Chula Vista established the first 3 mile BVLOS waiver for public safety.

This waiver issued would be a great breakthrough and a model for other public safety agencies to emulate. This program launched a drone at the initial receipt of a 911 emergency call and quickly provided eyes on the scene and streamed the live video to police officers and dispatchers. Now as of 3/15/2022, Chula Vista has flown over 10,000 emergency flights. Chula Vista’s Police Chief Roxana Kennedy has repeatedly shared that the drone has de-escalated more incidents than any other tool and has been a game changer by not having to dispatch units, returning units to service and indicated if more resources were needed.

Because DFR is such a promising program, DRONERESPONDERS in cooperation with Chula Vista and dozens of public safety agencies and vendors, created the National DFR Working Group to build a resource guide for others public safety agencies to use. This covers policy, procedures, privacy, safety case, weather and vendor information. Public Safety Agencies and Vendors are welcome and encouraged to participate.

To date, there are 5 agencies that have deployed some form of DFR Program with many others working their way to do the same.

OFFICIALLY AS OF TODAY MARCH 17, 2022, AT XELEVATE, DRONERESPONDERS is pleased to announce the release of the DFR Folder (and the aforementioned sub folders) within the DRONERESPONDERS Resource Center at DRONERESPONDERS.ORG and available to members (Membership is FREE). THIS WILL PROVIDE A COMPREHENSIVE GUIDE TO ASSIST OTHER AGENCIES IMPLEMENT A DFR PROGRAM IN THEIR COMMUNITY.

Great work by all the committee members.

CLEARLY, DFR IS THE FUTURE AND WILL SAVE LIVES (citizens and responders), will provide real time situational awareness and achieve better operational effectiveness and efficiency.

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