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DRONERESPONDERS Webinar with FAA’s Mike O’Shea today at 4 pm EST

the next DRONERESPONDERS Webinar “A Conversation on Public Safety UAS with the FAA & Mike O’Shea” will be held TODAY at 4 pm EST. on Special Government Interest (SGI) Waivers. FAA’s Mike O’Shea will be accompanied by Kerry Fleming from the FAA System Operations Support Center (SOSC).

If you want to learn how to get a waiver quickly to fly outside the standing FAA regulations during emergency situations, this webinar will explain. This 90 minute session will provide content for the first half and the second half will be open for live Q&As. Past webinars have generated 60 questions at each and they were all answered.

To register for this and future webinars, the second Wednesday of each month at 4 pm EST, here’s the link:

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