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FAA Reauthorization Act 2024

The FAA Reauthorization Act has been signed into law.

While there is more to learn, there are four specific items that impact public safety.

  1. BVLOS rules are set to be completed in 20 months.

  2. The Act codifies the ability for any public safety organization can operate ‘actively tethered” drones without a COA or Part 107 certification. This removes the requirement that an agency must be eligible to be a Public Aircraft Operation (PAO) which previously would not allow volunteer fire departments or similar organizations to fly without COA or Part 107.

  3. Opens up use of Actively Tethered UAS even in zero-grid airspaces for emergency response use (with prior notification to FAA, not prior authorization/permission) in Section 44806 - Adds in some safety-oriented definitions in Section 44801, making sure that Actively Tethered UAS operate safely even in the even of propulsion, power, or tether loss scenarios.

  4. Changes weight limit from 4.4 lbs to “under 55 lbs.”

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