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As we wrap up 2021, a huge thank you to our corporate sponsors who make all of this possible to members for FREE! And thanks to all of those doing specific work for DRONERESPONDERS. Lastly, thanks to each of for joining, utilizing the resources, participating on working groups, mentoring others and more.

Here’s a snapshot of some activities:

  • This year DRONERESPONDERS exceeded 5000 members

  • Published a Public Safety Directory/Map Dashboard (thanks to Brandon Karr, Jeff Alexander, NASA AMES Research Institute and ESRI Team) with over 1000 participating agencies

  • Provided Public Safety Conferences at AUVSI XPONENTIAL and Commercial UAV Expo (thanks to Chris Todd for the planning)

  • Provided free monthly webinars with FAA’s Mike O’Shea

  • The Drone as a First Responder developed numerous resource materials for other departments. There are now 5 departments that have DFR Programs (thanks to Captain Don Redmond and the DFR Working Group)

  • Numerous free public safety webinars

  • Supported numerous NIST sUAS activities

  • Produced monthly FAA Update Newsletters

  • Provided a TBVLOS Waiver Guide for Public Aircraft Operations (now with over 100 agencies with TBVLOS Waivers)

  • Participated on the FAA BVLOS Aviation Rule Making Committee

Looking for an even more productive 2022. Stay safe and healthy.

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