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New FAA Waivers for Public Safety and Part 107


Drone as a First Responder (DFR)

First, there is a new DFR BVLOS (FR-BVLOS) Waiver Template - This dramatically reduces the complexity and expedited the BVLOS waivers.

Here's the link to the waiver:

Wildfire (Red Flag Warning) Waiver

Second, there is a new Wildfire Red Flag Warning SGI Waiver through the SOSC which allows for the issuance of a TFR to allow true BVLOS operations for pre-wildfire reconnaissance to detect during early stages to prevent catastrophic fires. Includes Wildfire Suppression and Red Flag Warning Area Monitoring. For more information on emergency waivers, here's the link:

The SOSC phone number is (202) 267-8276 and is monitored 24 hours/day. The SOSC email is

Obstruction Shielded Waiver for Part 107 Ops

This waiver is similar to the TBVLOS waiver but allows true BVLOS flights for Part 107 remote pilots. It requires flight within 50 ft of the highest obstacle (natural or manmade) for as far as the system can reliably operate. This allows public safety Part 107 and commercial Part 107 remote pilots to utilize this waiver. A one time application for this is through the FAA Drone Zone -

DFR Enhanced Technology Waiver Approved

DFR (True BVLOS - no VOs) Waiver through enhanced technology received by Pearland TX PD as the first test case to monitor detection efficiency. Utilizes the technology of Iris Casea G, ADS-B in and White Fox.

The FAA Detection and Mitigation Aviation Rulemaking Committee (ARC) Update

There is movement with upcoming announcements about the initiation of this ARC forthcoming.

Note: Stay tuned as additional work is underway with the FAA on these and other related waivers by DRONERESPONDERS and the Public Safety Stakeholders.

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