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PRESS RELEASE: Drone as a First Responder International Initiative

PRESS RELEASE: For Immediate Release

22 November 2022


Charlottesville, Virginia


The DRONERESPONDERS Public Safety Alliance and UAS NORWAY announce a new partnership and initiative to advance the Drone as a First Responder (DFR) concept globally through the DFR International Initiative (DFRII). The DFRII will build on the successes in the United States and focus on advancing this program worldwide through shared resources, working groups, white papers, regulatory information, webinars and conferences. This will be formally announced at the UAS Norway Security Conference this week by Lt. Abrem Ayana, Brookhaven Georgia Police Department and Barry Brennan, Flying Lion, Inc. on behalf of DRONERESPONDERS.


The Drone as a First Responder Program originated by the Chula Vista CA Police Department as part of the FAA Innovative Pilot Project (IPP). The concept deploys a drone to incidents from the initial time of an emergency incident, remotely operated by tele-operators with the purpose to provide situational awareness to responders through real time video streaming, even before ground units arrive.


As of this date, Chula Vista’s Dashboard shows over 13,000 flights and some impressive statistics:


As DFR Programs are deployed, they have proven to enhance responder/community safety, improve operational effectiveness and provide real time situational awareness and will definitely save lives!


Chief Charles Werner (Ret.), Director of DRONERESPONDERS stated, “DRONERESPONDERS is excited to partner and collaborate with UAS Norway to share the U.S. successes and to further advance DFR Programs around the world to save lives through this new DFR International Initiative. We will also be reaching out to other esteemed agencies like NASA and the FAA for their expertise and guidance.”


Anders Martinsen with UAS Norway said, “Drone as a First Responder has had great success in the United States and it is our goal to collaborate between UAS Norway and DRONERESPONDERS to advance this life saving program internationally. The network both organizations bring together in this initiative can globally help law enforcement and public safety further use drones more widely as a tool and also focus on flight safety during operations.”


More information will be forthcoming about how to participate in the DFRII and will be open to public safety, public service, government, nongovernmental organizations, industry and academia.




DRONERESPONDERS is the largest and leading nonprofit program under the Airborne International Response Team (AIRT 501C3) to advance public safety UAS programs.  DRONERESPONDERS has over 6600 members, participation from 85 countries, 1700+ LinkedIn followers, the largest online Resource Center and Global Public Safety Drone Directory/Dashboard. DRONERESPONDERS.ORG




UAS Norway was established in January 2008 as the national RPAS organization in Norway. The organization is non-profit and independent, open to all private and public companies and organizations related to unmanned airplanes.

UAS Norway’s main goal is to:

• Be a representative of the Norwegian RPAS environment• Promote an RPAS policy that is in line with Norwegian RPAS industry and operators• Suggest and promote national UAS-related committees for the industry• Promote the interests of Norwegian RPAS industry and operators in international forums• Establish UAS Norway as a natural place to address RPAS-related issues• Promote and participate in regulatory development in cooperation with national and international organizations and authorities.• Coordinate UAS activities with National Aviation Authorities (CAA) and with ATC (AVINOR), and other other airspace users.• Promote knowledge of RPAS, their applications and benefits.




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