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A DRONERESPONDERS Webinar - Weather & Public Safety Drone Operations

A DRONERESPONDERS Webinar: Weather and Public Safety Drone Operations - April 20th at 3:00 pm EST

In a late October 2017, an article in Business Aviation Insider, NBAA said, “Weather is a contributing factor in 35 percent of general aviation accidents…”

Given this statistic, weather will be a key factor for public safety drone operations as well, especially with Tactical BVLOS and Drone-as-a-First Responder programs. In order to maintain the highest level of safe operations possible, it is critical to have a tool to help public safety remote pilots to be aware of rapidly changing weather conditions.

This webinar will provide insights about how to stay ahead of impactful micro-weather wind, cloud and fog conditions and how to prepare for the safest, most effective drone operations possible.

  • Don Berchoff, CEO of TruWeather Solutions, with 35 years of experience executing and supporting mission critical operations in the Air Force, National Weather Service and the drone industry will host the webinar.

  • Brian Leventhal has spent the past 20 years in public service as a law enforcement officer in North Carolina. For the last 15 years, Brian has served as a State Trooper with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol. Brian is presently assigned to the Highway Patrol’s Crash Reconstruction Unit. Brian received his Part 107 Remote Pilot license and helped create the UAS program for the Highway Patrol to use unmanned aerial vehicles to map crash scenes and provide disaster response.

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