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Join the Global Public Safety Drone Directory and Map

The Global Public Safety Drone Directory and Map has now exceeded 800 agencies within the U.S along with 20 other countries that have submitted their info. HELP US BREAK 1000 BEFORE AUVSI by submitting and/or sharing with neighboring agencies or listservs.

It has been exciting to see the participation but more importantly seeing the tool used to help facilitate communication, coordination and collaboration between agencies.

To join the DRONERESPONDERS Global Public Safety Drone Registry & Map and engage in a dynamic new global network of public safety drone programs to share, collaborate & communicate. Here’s how to put your agency on the map.

A map dashboard that can filter by discipline, state and other ways is also forthcoming and will be released at AUVSI XPONENTIAL.

Here is the Map to see those already participating:

Here’s a 3 minute survey to add your info:

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