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The New FAA DFR CONOPS Waiver Template is Available

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

The much awaited FAA DFR CONOPS Waiver (FR-BVLOS) Template is now available!

What does this mean?

  • It means that a one page form is necessary to request the DFR BVLOS CONOPS Waiver. This template simply asks you to confirm that you will comply with the outlined provisions in the document.

  • Your agency must already have an approved COA.

  • Fill out Form 7711-2 (see below)

  • Provide copy of current COA. If there are changes that result from the FR-BVLOS waiver for operations and/or geographic area, you will likely be asked to submit a new COA with this new information.

  • It means that you no longer are required to submit your agency's CONOPS for FAA review with the FR-BVLOS waiver.

  • It DOES NOT mean that you no longer need an agency CONOPS and it will still be required in the COA application. An agency CONOPS must still be done for the COA and for internal operational guidance and to ensure through policy that you are meeting the requirements as specified in the FR-BVLOS Waiver form.


  • Send application to:

Here is a link to the FAA "Example" DFR BVLOS (FR-BVLOS) Waiver:

Provide copy of current COA

Also, fill out form 7711-2 and submit:

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